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Amazon Order Insurance

What benefits does Order Insurance provide?

1. Increase the reliability of Seller and Confidence of the Buyer

Global Research shows that buyers worry most about after-sale service. If the description of the seller’s product highlights “product insured, the buyer will feel additional confidence about completing their purchase.

2.Encourage repurchase rate

Improving customer satisfaction, the most basic way to increase repeat orders is to meet the demand effectively, and accurate order are essential. In those circumstances when the order may not meet the customer’s expectations, discounts and refunds are the essential factors to meet the buyers demand. Mismatching of product description, delayed shipments, items damaged or wrong delivery etc. All of these factors may lead to customer dissatisfaction and all are covered in the terms of Order Insurance. The seller can provide discounts or refunds more quickly, which will encourage strong repurchase rate.

3.Reduce risks and loss

Eliminate worry related to unpredictable events during goods delivery. Such events may include storms, demonstrations, customs delays etc. Sellers can increase their SKUs, easily expand their business to countries or areas that might have higher business risks, and provide refunds for overseas buyers for non satisfaction on the product color, size, appearance, etc.

Simplicity of Operations, fast claims

The insured is simple

Once application, validity time is 180days.

Simple claims

Automatically capture refund dates, simply include the reason for claims and logistic numbers.

Quick arrive

Insurance claims take only 10 days from application for claim, until the funds are paid into the seller’s bank account.

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